300 hr
500 hr
900 hr 1200 hr 1500 hr 1800 hr 2100 hr
(Inch /32 nd)
52/32nd 46/32nd 41/32nd Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Percent Tread Remaining
100% 89% 79% % % % % %
1800-2000 hr PROJECTED COST
$0.64 cents/hr USD HRS/32 WEAR
(hr/32nd WEAR)
50 hr / 32nd wear

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At an undisclosed location in Pennsylvania, Evolution Wheel is currently testing our EWRS series tire in a Rock Quarry application. This is a location where all makes and models of skid steer tires are tested and compared to see how well they stand up to the harsh conditions. Technicians are continuously looking for tire wear, chunking and cuts, heel/toe wear and stress cracking during testing.

The average lifespan of a premium air filled tire here is 300hr and solid tires average 600hrs. The longest hours of use ever recorded here is 896hr using a pneumatic foam filled specialty tire. Evolution Wheel's EWRS series tire is tracking to smash all records and see a total of somewhere near 2000hrs before they reach their end of life cycle.

Rock quarry personnel operating the machine have commented on increased performance with the tire in mucky conditions, reduced bounce, increased stability and a smoother more comfortable ride. We will continue to update you as testing progresses.